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 Flight Crews Released to fly VAFS 5! Go get it!!

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PostSubject: Flight Crews Released to fly VAFS 5! Go get it!!   Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:12 pm


All flight crews are fully released to fly VAFS 5!

SPECIAL NOTE: Please use Firefox Browser, Chrome or any browser other than IE7 or 8. The web tools are all working, hours are back, fleet and flights are all loading properly.

We are back in business.

What am I working on?

1) Getting web add-ons dialed in to fit the page color and i -Frame sizes.
2) Double-checking the CAT certs I loaded for all qualified pilots - Rex got one with my name on it. Odd, cause his is correct.....
3) Following the VAFS 5 forum closely
4) Getting ready (this weekend) to show the new 2012 mainline scheme for mainline AC (737, 757, Q400...)
5) Getting ready to bring two new AC aboard and to resurrect a more modern ASA bird for Mexico trips.... ewww the suspense
6) Publish our "Admin Council" leadership plan
7) Listen for the NLA radio spots on "SkyBlue Radio" tomorrow thru Monday.... They got our submission and liked it! Thanks for the tip Rex!
8 ) Teamspeak Meeting on Saturday night for anyone interested (have a date with my wife tomorrow...but Chris and Grizz may be on Friday at 6pm PST so take a look)

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Just fly pilots, fly.... Grab the new client in the NOTAM forum.. Chris posted it there. (also Chris has a surprise for you guys)

Wow.... this was hairy but SO MUCH better than previous releases. Mike did a hell of a job and there is all kinds of cool stuff coming!!! Wooo Hooo!

Jeff rendeer

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Flight Crews Released to fly VAFS 5! Go get it!!
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